SarahSarah – 10.5 cm x 14.8 cm

Shown here in Grey and White card decorated with a lovely lace bow.

A lovely vintage style invitation.

There is a pocket inside the invitation for an RSVP, additional inserts can be added if needed.

Priced from £2.20


JadeJade – 10.5 cm x 14.8 cm

Shown here in Baby Pink, Slate Grey and White Card. Decorated with beautiful lace and coordinating ribbon, the ribbon bow keeps the invitation closed.

A really beautiful design that would complement a vintage style wedding.

Inserts can be added inside this invitation.

Priced from £2.20



Annie – 14.8 cm x 10.5 cm

Shown here in biscuit and white card, decorated with natural twine and pretty coloured bunting flags.

A gorgeous country style invitation that would perfectly compliment a rustic or vintage themed wedding.

The bunting flags can be done all in one colour or in a variety of colours.

Priced from £1.00



Poppy – 10.5cm x 21cm

Shown here in slate grey card with a red heart and bound together with natural twine.

A very natural unobtrusive invitation that will complete a rustic or shabby chic style wedding perfectly.

A pocket can be added inside this invitation for an RSVP, honeymoon wish etc.

Priced from £1.25



Claire – 14.8cm x 10.5cm

Shown here in biscuit card with ivory inserts.

A beautiful rustic, vintage inspired invitation. The front of the invitation s decorated with pretty little butterflies, although you don’t have to have butterflies, it can be decorated with other things.

Claire is a very subtle style of invitation.

Priced from £1.20



Molly – 14.8cm x 21cm

Shown here in toffee brown and white card with natural hessian and two wooden hearts.

A perfect invitation for a rustic, shabby chic themed wedding. The two hearts symbolise the joining of two people in love.

Priced from £1.40


Louise (1)

Louise – 13cm x 10.5cm.

Shown here in biscuit card with ivory invite and inserts. Decorated with white lace and pearls.

This delicate invitation is the epitomy of romance and will beautifully compliment your rustic or shabby chic themed wedding. Your invitation would sit proudly on the top section of the pocketfold and the other inserts will sit neatly inside the pockets.

However, if lace isn’t your thing ribbon can be used in place of the lace.

Priced from £1.90



Emma – 14.8cm x 21cm

Shown here in toffee brown and ivory card. Decorated with a bellyband that is covered in beautiful ivory lace, rustic twine and a pretty pearl.

This is my favourite design of invitation, named after my beautiful sister.

This invitation is absolutely perfect for a vintage, rustic or shabby chic style of wedding and will compliment your day beautifully.

Priced from £2.50